What Your Recruiter Isn’t Telling You

Throwing back the curtain of crap.

Like going to the dentist, sometimes you can’t avoid working with a recruiter. Some actually find the experience rewarding, but to date I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t have a recruiter horror story or three. The good news is there are good recruiters out there – efficient and ethical. The bad news it for every horror story there will be many that never surfaced and you weren’t aware of. Recruiters can easily put on a show – bells and whistles and hide some pretty important stuff that you, as a candidate, should really know about.

Let’s address some myths and complaints:

  1. Your CV has legs
  2. The recruiter costs me money
  3. You need to make a decision today or they’ll withdraw the offer
  4. My jobs is to get you as much money as possible
  5. My recruiter never calls me back
  6. I never get feedback or when I do it’s watered down and useless

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